Work-CV Agency: recruitment, legal employment of Ukrainian specialists abroad

The agency was founded in Ukraine and specializes in the selection of qualified personnel. We cooperate with Ukrainian and foreign companies. Work-CV agency  provides legal employment of Ukrainian specialists in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany. License for the implementation of employment abroad (Order of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine № 284 from 24.02.2017).

Work-СV agency organizes the interaction of Western European employers with qualified candidates from Eastern Europe.
We provide assistance to companies looking for new employees with professional education and good work experience.
When selecting staff, we focus on the professional competencies of candidates, cultural traditions, value fit, willingness to develop and learn new things.
As a result, we combine the needs of companies and the opportunities for job seekers.

Why do we recommend hiring staff from Ukraine?

Practice shows that Ukrainian specialists are technically educated, they have secondary special and higher education by profession, have good work experience and valuable skills. Ukrainians are hardworking and accurate in carrying out tasks. They follow the rules in communication and in everyday life. We choose candidates for industrial enterprises, engineering and construction companies, transport, energy, medical institutions and other activities.

Our work includes interaction with employers, preparation of job descriptions placement on popular information resources, candidate search and cv processing, conducting interviews and selecting candidates, checking the compliance of professional documents, organization of employment of candidates. We draw up all the documents that Ukrainian candidates need to apply to foreign diplomatic missions and obtain a work visa. We fully supervise the process of interaction with candidates until they will arrive at the employer’s company.

Work-СV agency activity overview:

  • International Recruiting
  • Consulting for companies: labor market, professional competencies and salary expectations of candidates
  • Vacancies for candidates and job applications
  • Labor Law, International Migration Law

Our advantages:

  • knowledge of the fundamentals of personnel management
  • experience in personnel audits
  • knowledge of the specifics of the work of industrial enterprises and construction companies
  • excellent knowledge of the Ukrainian labor market
  • knowledge of the functional responsibilities of key specialists
  • quick and qualitative selection of personnel
  • experience with personnel documents

Please contact us if you are looking for such specialists:

Production Engineer

Quality engineer

Building Engineer




Installer of structures and equipment


CNC machine operator

NC programmer

Lathe operator

Operator of the milling machine

Casting operator


An electrician




Contact us:     info@work-cv.com